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"Olivine Atelier got started when I started getting an allowance when I was a kid.  My best friend and I would walk down to Salladays's and I would spend all my money on soaps, lotions and perfumes...I was 8.  I miss Salladay's, and I miss a time when two 8 year olds could walk somewhere by themselves!

When I was 18 I got a job at a perfume blending bar and all of my dreams were fulfilled.  Then I got fired.  Turns out I wasn't supposed to create things for other people, I had to go out on my own.  When I was 24 I opened a boutique called Aromatica.  I finally had my own perfume blending bar and no one could fire me!  Two stores and three product lines later and here I am, still making perfume.  Because I love it.

 Somewhere along the way I learned with 100% certainty that SELF LOVE is the way to absolute happiness.  If you are madly in love with yourself then you can do anything and be anything.  

And if one drop of perfume puts a smile on your face...causes you to hold your head a little higher...puts a slight twinkle in your eye...inspires you to put a little swing in your hips when you walk...Then I have done my job.


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