Permanent Jewelry



What is Permanent Jewelry?

It's a clasp less piece of jewelry that is welded together to create a seamless piece of jewelry. Your piece"permanently' stays on due to not having a clasp.

Does it hurt?

NO permanent jewelry is painless! The weld is a quick spark that does not come into contact with your skin.

How long does it take?

We recommend scheduling a 30 minute appointment for a group of 3 or less. It takes roughly 10 minutes per person or less once your chain has bee selected.

How do I make an Appointment?

You can make an appointment at the bottom of this page.

Please Note:

- If you make an appointment please arrive one time. If you arrive late your spot ius not guaranteed and you may have to wait until the next slot is available.

- Walk-Ins are available outside of scheduled appointments.

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Can I remove my welded piece?

Yes! If you would like to remove your permanent piece, we recommend using a nail clipper to cut the jump ring where your chain is attached. You can also use scissors if that is more comfortable.

Do you offer re-welding?

Yes! If your piece breaks due to a faulty weld, we will reattach it for free. If you remove your bracelet and need to have it reattached we charge $10 for silver and $15 for gold.

What is the warranty on permanent jewelry?

- Permanent bracelets and anklets are not refundable and not returnable

- In the case that your jewelry breaks, please save the chain. We can weld the piece back on at the breakage point.

- Chains will be reattached free of charge if they come off due to faulty construction within the first 60 days (you must have the chain)

- We charge $10- $15 to reattach a chain if (it was the customer’s fault or choice), or it comes off for any reason outside of where the weld is.

What is your policy for minors?

If you are between the ages of 10-17, you must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

For those under the age of 10, we are happy to customize a piece with a clasp just for you!

Will it tarnish?

-Sterling silver can tarnish over time with wear. We offer slightly heavier chain options so you can polish your chain with a polishing cloth if needed. We are also happy to re-weld your piece if you would like to have us clean it for you. There is a small fee to do so.

- Solid gold chains will not tarnish over time.

Can I travel through airport security with permanent jewelry?

Yes. All chains can pass through the metal detectors at the airport.

What if my permanent jewelry breaks or falls off?

All items are final sale and we do not cover replacements for lost pieces.

- If your piece breaks and you still have the chain we offer re-welding for $10-$15.