Collection: Libertine Fragrance

Perfume is best enjoyed slowly. Slowness is the start of enjoying more of everything

I was lucky that I stumbled into scent. Scent gave me a clue to why I felt like I was in my life but not living it.

Studying perfume making forced me to slow down. Our noses are for the most part, out of practice. To smell accurately we really need to slow down, the details take time to notice. We need to explore our own senses to really feel them… and it’s the same for our feelings. The important ones can be subtle, more subtle than we expect. As soon as I started slowing down I noticed so much of what I was missing, right in front of me. 

That realization led to Libertine, I lit this up as a beacon for myself to follow. It’s easy to know it’s good to slow down but it is a challenge in a world built on fast. Libertine is everything I needed to hear and to remind myself of. 

Like a mantra.
Faster isn’t always better. Art and creativity are in our blood, they aren’t commodities. Finding ways of exploring yourself, those hidden quiet spaces, holds the secrets of your own heart.