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Cardamom Flower Essential Oil Candle

Cardamom Flower Essential Oil Candle

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CARDAMOM FLOWER: Cardamom /  Clove  /  Geranium  

The scent of summer fading into autumn. Notes of soft Ylang blossoms and Egyptian Geranium... studded with the sensuous spices of Cardamom and Nutmeg, sparking an atmosphere of abundant love, creativity and a renewed thirst for life.

Use for: Inspiration & Centering  

* 100% Natural * Scented exclusively with essential oils * 8 oz  /  50 hr * Vegan * USA Made Vessel

Hand-poured in Rhode Island

The Spice of Joy Said to be grown in the biblical Garden of Babylon, Cardamom is one of the worlds most valuable spices. With its sultry, sweet aroma, this plant has been used for centuries throughout Asia and Africa, for both rituals of love and as a natural remedy to treat anxiety and depression. Smelling cardamom is known to “Revive an appetite for life”.




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