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Monarch Perfume Oil

Monarch Perfume Oil

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MONARCH Spice / Floral / Leather The aroma of dusty wooden shelves and faded silk rugs... antique windows...snd a cracked leather armchair. An ode to the season of the Monarch. Wild citrus and dry spice unfold... into a harmony of vermilion florals, mellowed with the depth of aged patchouli and fossilized amber resins.   

Key Notes: 

Top: Wild Orange, Coriander

Heart: Carnation, Golden Magnolia

Base: Aged Patchouli, Myrrh, Fossilized Amber Resin  

1 Minute:  Whispers of dry spices, bathed in wild citrus and sweet amber.   

1 hour: floral / earth / leather A warm spice blooms within an accord of carnation and magnolia, before maturing into notes of earth & aged leather.

4 hour: The sweet, musky aroma of faded leathers** and amber linger close to the skin.

5ml Unisex Measures approx: 2.5" x .75" D 100% Natural, sustainable sources ingredients. Hand blended in micobratches.

Made In Rhode Island




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