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Palo Santo Essential Oil Candle

Palo Santo Essential Oil Candle

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PALO SANTO Our original bestseller, Made since 2014

Primary Notes: Palo Santo Accents: Vetiver, Vanilla, Cinnamon Leaf The scent of the Ecuadorian Forest... Palo Santo calms the mind & melts away stress and anxiety. Like a plume of fragrant white smoke; the alluring fragrance of Palo Santo & soft spice, entwine your being in a weightless cloud of calm. 

Designer's Note: Many years when into sourcing the best Palo Santo oil I could find  (I've tried so many suppliers ). * Essential Oils, direct from partner farms * 100% Natural * Scented exclusively with essential oils * 8 oz  /  50 hr * Vegan * USA Made Glass Vessel 

Hand-poured in Rhode Island




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