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Wild Vetiver Perfume Oil

Wild Vetiver Perfume Oil

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WILD VETIVER Earth / Fresh / Light The aroma of a windswept meadow. Tall, golden grasses swaying in the cool, fresh air.    


Top: White Sage, Lavender

Heart: Petitgrain

Base: Vetiver, Tonka, Oak Moss

Our Lightest, yet longest-lasting all natural fragrance     

1 Minute:  Airy / Fresh / Earth A cloud of white sage and tonka, floating against notes of sweet earth…like walking though an open field.   

1 Hour:  Fresh, light Vetiver and a gust of green citrus, deepen with earthy aromas of mossy woods. 

5 Hours: Notes of powdery-sweet earth and vetiver linger on the skin for days to come.   

5ml Unisex Measures approx: 2.5" x .75" D 100% Natural, sustainable sources ingredients. Hand blended in micobratches. Made In Rhode Island




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